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Bringing Pets

Don’t be surprised by the number of pets wandering the streets. As you know, Turkey’s population is mostly Moslem and according to Moslem beliefs keeping animals at home, especially dogs, is not much appreciated. As times change however, so do trends. Children the world over seem to adore pets and it would seem that pets are becoming more common feature in Turkish homes, as it witnessed by the number of pet shops,dog training centres, pet pensions, animal hospitals and veterinarian clinics that appear on almost every corner.

Although rabies is rare in Turkey, it is not unheard of, and for that reason, be cautious of street dogs. If a dog bites you seek immediate medical attention.

If you wish to bring your pet with you, there are a few important things you should know. For starters, please check with your landlord or Yönetici (The person who is responsible of the administrative works, such as collecting monthly expenses of the building etc.) to ensure that pets are indeed permitted in your new home.

In order to take a pet into Turkey for a temporary period the following documents should be legalized by the Turkish consulate abroad:

A certificate of health stating that the animal is in good health and that it has been vaccinated against rabies, issued not more than 15 days before traveling to Turkey should be stamped by the Ministry of Agriculture or the related Ministry of the home country.

* Export certificate (certificate of origin) issued by the Ministry of Agriculture or by the related Ministry or by the Foreign Office of the home country.
* A written statement from an accredited veterinarian that the animal is at least 3 months old.
* A pet identification card.

For more information please contact with the nearest Turkish Consulate or Turkish Embassy in your country.

Note: If you have an official certificate, you may bring one cat, one bird, one dog or 10 aquarium fish into the country.





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